About me

Me, myself and I? Seems a bit self-centered. Anyways.

I am 21 years old living in Ukraine (at the time of this page’s creation), balancing between the life in Kyiv and occasional travels to almost-what-i-considered-my-home Dubai.

A person with a double identity: in the bloodstream of mine, there flows a heritage of Ukrainian and Persian ancestry. Actually, funny, how different those sides are and I am still wondering how did we get there. Right now, with a delight, looking back at my childhood years, I can be somehow proud of my roots.

Fun fact: Iranians were present in the land of Ukraine some centuries ago.

At one time, Iranian peoples such as the Scythians and Sarmatians dominated much of Eastern Europe, where they were originally based. Although the Iranian peoples in Europe were all based in Eastern Europe (again, primarily Ukraine, Russia, and the Balkans), some of the Iranian-speaking tribes such as the Alans ventured even deep into Western Europe.

By the 5th-6th century AD, all the Iranian peoples in Europe had been assimilated and absorbed into the Early Slavs and Goths.

Pointing things straight, I was not that pro-active before, only now I can investigate the roots of this absent trait of character (?). I was too scared, too involved in other things and thought that my voice would not matter nor it held a power to change things around me. Believe me, that was a hard road and is still now. Evolving requires a lot of time and effort and sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere near the way you wanted. Sounds crazy, but I think you’ve got the idea.

Right now I am trying to change the world, yeah, you’ve read right. Social volunteering takes a lot of my time, homeless people and Roma community are the main people I work with.

I am a language-lover. Currently learning Arabic (yes, haven’t studied once lived in Dubai and yes, it is totally normal), trying to learn Swedish and get back my level of German back on track, hope to start and master Korean as well. And Farsi of course, though I do understand the basic street language of the south, it is nothing compared to the standard Farsi, spoken in Tehran or nearby cities. Add to those English and my mother tongues Ukrainian and Russian and you can get a polyglot in here.

Couple days ago I realized what I want to do (though not sure as always), now I need to identify the possible ways and road I can take in order to achieve it.After spending my four and half years in the Middle East I am interested in, do know and understand how important Human Rights are; especially if its women rights in there. Seems like being half-Middle Eastern did the thing and I will work towards in that direction.

21 years old and still knows nothing. It’s okay. No ones know anything for sure today, so don’t stress out.