First of all, the concept of blog writing came from my psychologist who suggested that I need to share some of the stories and thoughts on the social media platform: the happy ones and sad, those that matter to me the most. There are a lot of, actually. But due to the lack of time, I will publish one story each week.

English is not my native language, not even the second one, but I will try my best. Correct me if I’m wrong, I would like to hear some advice on how to write more fluently.

Secondly, the meaning of the blog’s title. The name just popped into my head some hours ago – ‘Mary On The Spot’ – but what does that actually mean?

The first part – ‘Mary‘ is the short form of my own name, the one my dear friend from Brazil calling me constantly. Sounds a bit of self-centered, but this thing means to remind me repeatedly of who I am indeed: the girl who enjoyed life and was happy some years ago, the girl who would never give up, strive for the happiness and peace of herself and the world.

The second part is important to me too. Here’s the definition from the dictionary:

on the spot

1.Lit. at exactly the right place; at exactly the right time.
2.Fig. in trouble; in a difficult situation.

Thirdly, the purpose of this blog to remind myself (and maybe others, if I’m lucky) that there is a lot of good things in this world as well as bad, but the important thing – bad times someday will pass by. They disappear and dissolve in the span of a lifetime. Sometimes you just need to move on and leave the past in the past. The wisest choice, though the hardest.

I am starting this blog with a reminder that ‘everything is possible indeed‘ and ‘the destiny is in your hands now‘. I will not give up. I will not defeat in this battle. I will fight.